The Australasian Society of Diagnostic Genomics (ASDG) offers a Quality Assessment Program in Clinical Cytogenetics. We invite participation from laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Our program evaluates laboratory performance for a wide range of cytogenetics samples and testing including:

The program assesses various aspects of the testing process including technical/image quality, results interpretation and written reports. Participants can choose from different modules that cover the relevant areas for their laboratory.

Laboratory analytical and interpretive competency is evaluated against national regulatory guidelines through the following components:

  1. Case and Image audit (Blood, Prenatal, Bone Marrow, including FISH).
  2. Laboratory performance data (e.g. success rates, reporting times etc).
  3. Proficiency testing: image analysis, chromosome microarray and FFPE FISH.

The ASDG QAP is an accredited Provider of Proficiency Testing and is compliant with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17043: Conformity assessment – General Requirements for Proficiency Testing.

For more information, please contact the Scheme Facilitator:


Committee Members:

Chair Karen Dun BSc, FHGSA
Previous Chair Angela Brown B.Sc, FHGSA, FFSc
Scheme Facilitator Jillian Cross B.App.Sc, MHGSA
Deputy Chair Nicole Chia PhD, FHGSA, FFSc
Assessors Nicole Bain B.Biomed.Sc (Hons), FHGSA
  Christopher Joy B.App.Sc, FHGSA, ARCPA
  Nandini Adayapalam PhD, FHGSA
  Nicole Bain B.Biomed.Sc (Hons), FHGSA
  Minh La BMedSc, MMedSc, FHGSA
  Sarbjit Riyat PhD, FHGSA
  Elsa Parker B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, PCCC
  Helen Wilkin B.Sc (Hons), M.Med.Sc, MHGSA
  Angela Brown BSc,FHGSA,FFSc
  Amanda Dixon-McIver BMLSc, MSc, PhD
  Dariusz Landon PhD, MSc
Associate Assessors Vanessa McLaughlin B.Sc, MGHSA
  Jodie Fitness B.AppSc, MHGSA
  Farida Zabih B.Med.Sc, MHGSA
  David Finch B.Biomed.Sc, MHGSA
  Tina Lillis B.Sc, MHGSA
  Monica Armstrong B.Med.Sci, M.Pub.Hlth, MHGSA
  Emilie Parkes B.MedLabSc, MHGSA
  Crisoula Batzios B.AppSc(MedLab SC), MHGSA
  Krystle Standen BSc(Biomed), MHGSA
  Siobhan Battersby BSc, MHGSA
  Pina D'Achille BSc, MHGSA
  Rachel Hollins BAppSC, MHGSA
  Stephanie Greenidge BAppSc(Biomed), MHGSA